ANMH Pediatric MAID Response

  • 2018 August 03 - Pediatric MAID Response - English
  • 2018 August 03 - Pediatric MAID Response - French
  • On April 12, 2018, the Canadian Society (CPS) released its updated position statement entitled Medical Assistance in Dying: A Paediatric Perspective, a discussion paper following the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2015 decision in the Carter case and the subsequent implementation of Medical Aid in Dying legislation across Canada.

    Alberta Network for Mental Health

    The Alberta Network for Mental Health (ANMH) is an organization where mental health consumers can work with each other to reduce their isolation, share resources and support, and strengthen their collective voice. We are a point of contact for Double Trouble in Recovery, a 12 step program that helps people overcome addiction and mental illness. We are also a clearinghouse for the mental health consumer movement and other resources mental health consumers may require. Our organization was founded in 1993.


    Alberta Health Services – Addictions and Mental Health, small private donations, occasional small project funding.

    Lessons Learned

    It is really best when consumers work in pairs or small groups to support one another; Consumer and Board unity is the single most powerful force to get you to achieve your goals; we need travel funding sufficient to truly meet the needs of our people in remote areas – a one time class or weekend workshop is not sufficient to meet the intensive support needs for the consumers to develop groups on their own. As well, increased costs mean we also need more resources for service in our regions. What we have learned also from our experience as well as our international counterparts, it is vital to have our own place or centre where we can conduct our activities.